7 awkward situations in sex that everyone can face

7 awkward situations in sex that everyone can face

What to do if, in a fit of passion, you call your partner a different name or a child suddenly enters the bedroom, a sexologist advises.

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Sex has little to do with porn scenes: in real life, you can press your elbow against your partner’s hair, feel a cramp and – let’s be honest – give rise to sounds and smells that are not at all sexy. Below is a list of uncomfortable situations that anyone can fall into, and tips for resolving them.

1. Name your partner by the name of the former / former

This happens all the time, but this does not mean that your current partner will take the situation with humor. The moment will require emotional processing.

What to do

First of all, apologize and assure your partner that you only want to be with him, and the past relationship is over.

2. Facial expression during orgasm

Approaching orgasm, people cease to control themselves. And at this moment they look far from cute.

What to do

Remember that this is a good sign – it indicates that you are immersed in what is happening and your feelings. Only by letting go of your body can you enjoy the moment.

3. Gases

One of the most embarrassing moments in sex is when one of the partners passes gases. We are accustomed to feel shame about it. But at the moment of intimacy, it is important to be free and relaxed, it is difficult to combine this with our usual reaction to flatulence.

What to do

Instead of being embarrassed, laugh. If necessary, take a short break and remind yourself that you are just human.

4. Unexpected liquids

Neither menopausal women nor men who have had prostate cancer are immune from accidental urination, and breastfeeding mothers may produce milk during arousal. We tend to think of some liquids as sexy and others not. But the truth is that sex is messy and unpredictable.

What to do

Don’t let excess fluid stop you. Urine is harmless and won’t bother anyone. And breast milk is just a sign of arousal.

5. Baby in the bedroom

No one wants to have a child next to them at the moment of X. If this still happened, it remains to dramatize less.

What to do

Put on a bathrobe, return the child to his room and answer any questions, and then explain what is happening in understandable terms. For example: “Don’t worry, nobody got hurt. Dad and mom were just doing a special love fight.”

If the child is a little older, you can explain the essence more specifically. For example: “Parents express their love physically. Now you are unlikely to understand it, but when you grow up, we will explain everything to you.

Still, it’s better not to tempt fate and just put a lock on the bedroom door.

6. Bad breath

Bad breath kills morning desire.

What to do

If the issue is critical, brush your teeth quickly. Or ask the same partner, but kindly. Don’t let the little things ruin a promising start to the day.

7. Orgasm problems

Too fast, too late, no orgasm at all, or just not right? It happens in different ways, but if the purpose of sex is only an orgasm, you risk ruining the relationship.

What to do

If problems with orgasm have arisen for a long time, contact a sexologist. And if this is an accident, tell your partner how to do better. Or ask yourself.

Intimate life, like ordinary life, is fickle and has its ups and downs. Remember that today sex can be romantic, tomorrow it can be insipid, and the day after tomorrow it can be awkward. But if you feel that your partner loves you and strives for constant sexual growth, there will be less and less ridiculous moments between you.