Why sex is an unfortunate gift for Valentine’s Day, like any other holiday

To give something that brings pleasure to both is at least selfish.

If you’ve ever browsed the collections of possible Valentine’s Day gifts or read forum posts, you’ve probably found sex among the ideas. Girls often use this option. For example, buy yourself beautiful underwear, tie a bow on yourself and go to bed with your lover. Sometimes they also offer to show imagination and fulfill some desire of the partner, which the couple did not dare to do before. Or give coupons for sexual practices. However, over the years, guys have also been advised to use sex as a gift, but usually in an extended care package – with dinner and all that.

In general, sex is a good thing, and it is very logical to have it on Valentine’s Day. But if you consider this a gift, there are some nuances, and not the most pleasant ones.

Sex is a gift of dubious value

Take a bouquet of flowers or a radio-controlled car. They may like it, they may not like it, that’s all. The value of sex as a gift is too variable. For starters: the couple occasionally does this. Why yesterday it was just sex, and today a present? Even if beautiful underwear or other things are used. Moreover, if the day was pleasant, everyone is full of energy and playfully tuned, there will still be intimacy.

Sex is also something that ideally happens to the pleasure of all participants in the process and according to the general desire. That is, if everyone likes to make love, then there is no gift element in it, a person goes to bed or another place for his pleasure. If the giver of sex does not like it too much and does not really want it, but steps over himself, this is even worse. Few people are pleased if they condescend to communicate with him, if his caresses are tolerated. And such an approach to business is usually noticeable to a partner with non-zero empathy.

If for some reason you don’t feel like or can’t buy a gift, you can make the day special in other ways. And then end the evening with sex. Or not – it’s up to you.

It obliges

You may not want sex . But a gift binds both the giver and the recipient.

Imagine that the girl decided to present such a present. Read full